Photo Facial / IPL


Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL) is a treatment breakthrough that can give you the younger-looking skin you’d love to have. Far more effective than creams or so-called “wrinkle lasers”.

IPL improves the appearance of sun damaged skin on the face and body by treating broken capillaries, age spots, tone, texture and sun damage with brief treatments and no down time!

IPL can be done on fitzpatrick skin types 1-3. Take the test here to find out your skin type.


"I have been very satisfied with the IPL treatments I have received over the past several years at Spa Aesthetica. My friends have commented how my skin looks so young, soft and clear. They comment over and over about how beautiful my skin appears and strangers also approach me and ask what cosmetics I use to make my skin so clear. Very positive experience!" Kathi B , Fullerton, CA  - 5 Stars