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Root of Skin MD

Root of SkinTM MD was developed by experts in cell biology to be the most physiologically relevant skin care line on the market. Root of SkinTM MD products use SourceCode TechnologyTM, a revolutionary new delivery system and protein-hydration complex that contains a complete and balanced mix of all the naturally-ocurring, revitalizing ingredients present in a young skin environment. No other product can so effectively replenish all the essential, skin-supporting factors that will diminish with age.

SourceCode Technology™ contains a superior concentration of naturally occurring, revitalizing ingredients. Nourishing skin with everything it needs to thrive and nothing it doesn’t. For powerful results, not aggressive ones.
Enriched with hyaluronic acid for instant and deep hydration Rich with anti-inflammatory ingredients for a soothing, stress-free environment necessary for skin health and renewal Infused with antioxidants to protect against external aggressors Packed with amino acids nurturing an optimal environment in which healthy skin can thrive Using proprietary manufacturing methods, Root of Skin™ harnesses each and every active ingredient at its most potent yet appropriate level.
Natural. Not Synthetic. Unadulterated. Not Engineered.
Root of Skin MD - Facial Serum
Root of Skin MD - Facial Serum